(1)Fender Deluxe 1×12 Tube Guitar Amp
(1) Ampeg Reverberocket 2×12 Tube Guitar Amp
(1) Ampeg 115 Bass Cabinet
(1) Tubeworks 300 Watts Bass Head
(1) Ludwig House Kit w/Remo Coated Heads (Kick, Rack Tom, Floor Tom)
(1) Snare Stand
(1) Hi Tom Stand
(1) Boom/Ride Stand
(2) Cymbal Stands
(1) Tama Iron Cobra Kick Pedal
(1) ThroneBASE RIG temporarily unavailable.

Drummers, please note the following:
– We prefer you use the house drum kit. Not only does it save you the hassle of dragging a full kit around the city, but our engineers know it best and you are guaranteed to sound good on them. ***Drummers must bring their own Cymbals, HiHat Clutch & Snare Drum***
– If you are interested in bringing your own drum kit, you must run it by the house first prior to show date. Email for this request.

(2) Shure Beta58
(4) Shure SM58
(2) Shure SM57
(1) Shure Beta57
(2) Shure SM81
(1) Audix i5
(2) Sennheiser e604
(4) Mono DI’s
(1) Radial Stereo DI

(24) Channels from stage snake to console
(8) additional balanced 1/4″ send channels from stage snake to console

DJ Equipment(upon request):
(1) Allen & Heath XONE:92 Mixer
(4) Technics SL1200/1210 Turntables
(1) Pioneer DJM800 Mixer
(2) Pioneer CDJ2000