Home Video, Port St. Willow

Home Video

Port St. Willow


Sat, August 25, 2012

8:00 pm

$12.00 - $15.00

Off Sale

This event is 21 and over

Home Video
Home Video
Home Video are Collin Ruffino and David Gross, transplants from the
misunderstood landscape of New Orleans, now living in the brooding
brownstones of Brooklyn, New York. Here they revel in a self-created world
of references to Edward Gorey, Massive Attack, The Brothers Quay, Smashing
Pumpkins, and a dusting of Chopin, references that they have been
collecting for nearly ten years.

The first Home Video song came to them in the dead of winter, the blizzard
of 2003. As the piling snow erased the landscape outside his window, David
huddled over the warm vibrations of an analog synthesizer creating the
simple loop that first inspired their minimalist sound. The fear and
anxiety of New York's atmosphere at the time had eaten its way onto the
pages of Collin's tattered notebooks and became their confessional style
of lyrics. Underlined by a thumping, bass-rich beat, the pairing of the
two worked well and the song evolved into "Melon," the first Home Video
song created and the closing track on the album. Inspired by their new
philosophy, other songs quickly followed and the band sent out demos.

Originally discovered by Warp Records, the label released Home Video's
first two EPs in 2004, both packaged in sleeves illustrated by Collin's
dark, Gorey-esque drawings. That You Might, a 10" single, immediately
picked up considerable attention in Britain from BBC Radio 1 and the NME,
while the five song Citizen EP earned the band a feature in Rolling Stone.
In 2006, New York based Defend Music released their debut full length, No
Certain Night Or Morning. Grammy-nominated DJ Sasha picked two of the
songs from this album to remix for his recently released Involver 2, which
also included reworked songs from Thom Yorke, Ladytron, M83, and Apparat.

As electronic-rock producers and performers, they record everything
themselves, then adapt it live into a full on rock show with live drums
and hypnotic visual projections. After sharing a bill in London at the
start of Home Video's first European tour, Blonde Redhead were so
impressed that they invited the band to support them for three weeks of
shows in North America. Since then they have opened for such diverse acts
as Justice, Yeasayer, Flying Lotus, Pinback, Colder, Radio 4, and His Name
is Alive.

Surrounded by the trend-infested-quick-high of the New York music scene,
Home Video are slow-burning pop that will invade your dreams and memories
Port St. Willow
Port St. Willow
Port St. Willow is the music project of Nick Principe. It is currently based in Brooklyn, New York.
No longer the bedroom folk duo of their early years, the Brooklyn quintet is slowly revealing their new identity as a sonically adventurous band. The inspired songwriting and lyrical storytelling of Carl Creighton remains a central focus for Howth while the surrounding sounds created by Blake Luley, Neil Acharya, Aviva Stampfer and Jeremy Duvall continue to grow into a a swelling, dynamic force.

Indulging on the melodies and sentiment of 90’s indie rock, Howth also reaches for the soaring heights of classic ’70s rock while adding in dynamic ambient textures inspired by Eno and minimalism.

Within Howth’s new songs, Creighton gives a voice to the soul-searching outsider attempting to find a place within claustrophobic environment of the urban landscape. Like a weed pushing through a crack in the sidewalk, their music reflects the perseverance of organic over artificial.
Venue Information:
Cameo Gallery
93 N. 6th St.
Brooklyn, NY, 11211