Belle Mare, Elephant Wrecking Ball

Belle Mare

Elephant Wrecking Ball


Mon, December 17, 2012

8:00 pm


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This event is 21 and over

Belle Mare
Belle Mare
Featuring london native Amelia Bushell and Thomas Servidone, Belle Mare is a twist of old-time chanteuse, adorned with glinted pianos, and spacious textures. Always catchy yet never trite, the music moves like honey and sounds as sweet.
The band is based in Brooklyn, New York.
Elephant Wrecking Ball
Elephant Wrecking Ball
"Accosting and deliberate, Elephant Wrecking Ball is something fresh for the Boston music scene."

"...a sideways concoction of Berklee misfits..."

- Performer Magazine

"An engine room oiled up with jazz, funk, dub, and the outer cosmos."

- My Secret Boston

Scott was a humble second year student at Berklee College in Boston working a job testing video games, when he decided to spend half of his summer paycheck on several effects pedals for his trombone. As a member of internationally-touring reggae group John Brown's Body, and living within the thriving Boston music scene, it wasn't hard to find some friendly fellow bandmates who wanted to start a musical group of unprecedented scientific destruction. He found a drummer and bass player who were not only fully accomplished musicians in their own right, but they also played so well together as a pair that it was truly frightening. With the addition of bassist Dan Africano and drummer Neal 'Fro!' Evans, Elephant Wrecking Ball was born. An unorthodox trombone trio with a powerful and organic sound, Elephant Wrecking Ball is unlike anything you've ever heard before. They perform music utilizing unique, scientific tones of fully cosmic demolition, and are influenced by everything from death metal to heavy dub. Prepare yourself to experience the serene madness that is Elephant Wrecking Ball.
With her 3-piece band, New York based Wilsen blends contemporary folk
songs with ethereal, electric arrangements to create a full and
intricate sound tagged 'dream folk.' She released her debut LP Sirens
on July 25th 2012. Available now at

"Sirens vibrates in a way that I associate only with Sufjan Stevens'
2004 gold-star Seven Swans: enigmatic and restrained. WILSEN manages
to be so patient, every musical move so careful that it almost feels
like you aught to not move while listening. There's a darkness equally
with that fragility and the instrumentation is at the beck and call of
the negative spaces in all the songs. It is space that need not be
filled, but indeed is intoxicating for repeated listens." (Mila
Matveeva -
Venue Information:
Cameo Gallery
93 N. 6th St.
Brooklyn, NY, 11211