Endless Boogie (Record Release Party)

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Endless Boogie (Record Release Party)

Arbouretum, Hans Chew

Fri, February 15, 2013

8:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

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This event is 21 and over

Endless Boogie ("Long Island" Record Release Show)
Endless Boogie ("Long Island" Record Release Show)
Message found on No Quarter’s answering machine:

"Hey Mike-Thanks for sendin' over the latest from Endless Boogie. So
'Long Island' makes, what, their 7th trip around the vinyl horn? You
gotta give it to'em, they're style of blast don't ever get old. I once
seen Boog Powell in this post game, after he'd hit two dingers off the
A's, & the interviewer asked "do ya ever get tired of blastin'em over
the fence"? Boog ruminated this for a second, gave way to scratchin
his head, then locked eyes w/the natterin pipsqueak, smiled & said
'NOPE"!. And look at him now? The king of Baltimore BBQ.

So I was thinkin Endless Boogie is in the same class (okay, hold the
Baltimore & hold the BBQ). Who don't love'em? Mike, even GIRLS BUY
THESE RECORDS. There ain't no better testimonial to greatness than
that! Let the pencil-neck 'n fat bottomed crit boys yammer on about
comparisons to Coloured Balls, Trad Gras, Velvets, etc. At the end of
the day it's the sonic stats that get pasted into Endless Boogie's
page of the Rock & Roll Almanac. And in them annals they's battin
1000%. Pitchin's solid to boot. So it seems a mystery to me why's
anyone would have to reach into the hyperbolic ether to pull down
accurate tags. I mean, shit, 'Long Island' could almost be the second
coming of 'Brain Capers'. You know? I can see you makin that pissy-ass
face of yours, & sure, a Mott The Hoople comparison is about as
psychedelic as an onion. But you know who liked onions? Ollie fuckin
Halsall for one. They say he ate his the same way Kevin Ayers breeze
through life - pickled. Don't think for uno momento that Norberto
'Pappo' Napolitano didn't consume tons of the allium genus in his
lifetime. The man ate'em slathered'em on grilled beef every day of his
life liked it growed on trees! To say nothin of the band Troyka, whose
member, Ron Lukawitski was THE originator of the Bloomin Onion. But
that's yrs ago, up to Edmonton, Alberta at a little place called Harry
Hill's where is was known as the 'Puckered Fist'. I reckon they
figured it was a well kept secret. How's Outback Steakhouse come
to....procure....the recipe is one of life's great mysteries.

Now I ain't no licensed shaman but these ears don't lie. And they's
insinuatin that 'Long Island' is chock full've more phenols 'n
flavonoids that you can shake a brace've Groundhogs albums at. And
Mike? If you's is still in the throes of menopause, I have it on good
authority that Top Dollar's voice is so witchy that it can destroy
osteoclats, thus keepin them delicate bones of yours safe. The same
was said about Ariel Bender's back in the day too. But only when he
was Luther Grosvenor. Tellin, don't you think? Now pass the relish, I
think I'm Patto.”

Roland Seward Woodbe
sent from the pay phone at Ding-Dong Dell's
Scalp Level, Pa 2012
The Gathering, Arbouretum's fourth album, was to a large extent inspired by The Red Book by Carl Jung, or more specifically, Jung's pursuit of the inner images that led to the book's writing. Dave Heumann, the singer, guitarist and main lyricist of Arbouretum, has long been a fan of experiences that surpass comprehension and describe the numinous. The narrative of "losing one's way and finding it again" resonated deeply and it was in this context that the songs that comprise The Gathering came to be.

With elaborate and very allegorical imagery, Heumann's lyrics take the listener with him on an adventure, filled with conflict, redemption and revelation. The central metaphor of the track "The White Bird" refers directly to the book, while other songs are more generally inspired by Jung's archetypal reservoir of experience, for example, the epic "Song of the Nile", with its themes informed by Gnostic mythology.
Hans Chew
Hans Chew
Hans Chew delivers powerful medicine, a resurrection of rock & roll as unique as it is traditional. It's Jerry Lee Lewis on a Nick Cave trip, Floyd Cramer as the Night Tripper; it's Leon Russell tickling James Booker in the backseat of Little Richard's Cadillac. Chew probably says it best, "I'm a product of American culture circa 1975. The Grand Ole Opry was on TV, Ralph Emery was on the radio. My grandfather sang harmony in a gospel quartet and taught me 'that high-lonesome sound'. My mother turned me on to Hendrix and the Stones, but my father only listened to classical music: I knew Beethoven's Fifth before Led Zeppelin's fourth."
After many years adrift, Hans Chew took up residence at the Clermont Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia with nothing more than a typewriter, some New Orleans records, and a piano. Hans would check out two years later and move to New York City with a handful of songs.

Hans Chew's 2010 debut album, Tennessee and Other Stories..., received four-stars from Rolling Stone Magazine who called it "fantastic... timeless...". Uncut Magazine included the record in their Top 50 Albums of the Year and their list of the 20 Best Americana Albums, while also nominating Hans for their highest honor, The Uncut Music Award.

Hans Chew is alive and kicking in New York City. He is currently working on his next record, due in 2012.
Venue Information:
Cameo Gallery
93 N. 6th St.
Brooklyn, NY, 11211