Aligns, Funkface, The Juggs, Smoota (DJ set)

Sun, January 13, 2013

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


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“Create from the heart and you can’t go wrong.” As a child, music surrounded IFÉ. It wasn’t long before she began squirreling herself away in the basement, practicing on her father’s Rhodes keyboard where she composed precocious pop songs comparable to radio friendly hits. But the serious craft of music was not lost on IFÉ – her parents instilled a deep understanding of music in their burgeoning little artist. When IFÉ expressed an interest in the violin, her father encouraged his eager daughter by pushing her to practice a Concerto each and every day.

IFÉ still remembers her very first piano lesson from the famous Sun Ra, given to her back stage at one of his and her fathers’ concerts. He urged her to become uninhibited with her art, and “let the music come from the soul.” This type of advice, along with her parents’ support, led a teenaged IFÉ to conquer her fear of singing in front of large groups. At age seventeen, IFÉ took voice lessons and developed her craft with local Detroit musicians and producers including Derrick May, Blake Baxter, and Carl Craig.

IFÉ boldly moved to New York City at eighteen, and quickly caught the attention of famous musician and producer, Tricky (of Massive Attack). Impressed by her vocal maturity and style, Tricky signed her to his label, Durban Poison/Dreamworks SKG. Tricky then co-produced a Trip-hop/Pop/R&B album with The Autumn People, a band specifically assembled to support IFÉ’s unique style. The album was well received by audiences and critics alike, but unfortunately, Tricky’s label dissolved shortly thereafter.

Undaunted, IFÉ relocated to Atlanta to explore a more southern-infused style of music. As her interests evolved, IFÉ came to appreciate the raw and unique storytelling found in classic Blues, Jazz, and R&B. She infused a newfound soulfulness into her writing while playing at various Jazz clubs and piano bars. It was in Atlanta that IFÉ formed her first band (self titled), an aggressive electro-metal group that uniquely combined the honesty and bold energy of her favorite musical influences.

Five years later, IFÉ returned to New York City and formed her second band, LIVE MAS with recording artist TECLA. The band made its mark as part of the Afro Punk Movement, playing on the New York City club circuit. But it was IFÉ’s third band, formed by both IFÉ and TECLA, SwEEtiE, that really made some noise. Saturated with electric guitar and base keyboard stylings, SwEEtiE’s fast-paced, take-no-prisoners punk pop sound took the city by storm, resulting in a successful EP. Yet after five years of hard rocking, IFÉ yearned for something different.

The result was In Love Story, her Debut Solo album and most intimate and mature work to date. A searing and sensitive examination of love and trust, In Love Story embodied a bold departure from the punk sounds of SwEEtiE. Written by IFÉ and produced by Ricc Sheridan (of Earl Greyhound), her solo album was heavily influenced by the blues, and encompassed a raw, sensual vibe. Sticking to her ever-evolving nature, IFÉ is currently releasing her second solo album, titled Fire Inside of Me (produced by Ian Love), which she reveals focuses more on Funk& Blues, proof she is returning to her Detroit roots.

For IFÉ, a practicing Nichiren Daishonin Buddhist, it seems natural to compare the singer’s musical career to the eminent Buddhist symbol of growth: the Lotus flower. Like the flower, which plants and blooms simultaneously, IFÉ consistently manages to produce work that leans upon its roots but has the courage to flourish on its own.
: Formed in 2010, Aligns has played throughout New York City, including Knitting Factory, Arlene’s Grocery, and in Union Square. With each band member bringing his own musical influences to the table, the music Aligns plays is always rooted in the energy of rock and roll, but flavored by classic blues, hip hop, and pop tones. Aligns is a NY-based, three-piece rock band led by Jacques Barbot (vocals; guitar) and featuring Mark Bell (drums) and Soshi Uchida (bass). The raw energy Aligns brings to the stage is undeniably funky and explosive. Aligns has previously released two full-length projects and will release their third in 2014.
As the great city of Gotham undergoes its many phases, only one thing remains the same... FunkFace kicks ass .No doubt one of the greatest live rock bands going, FunkFace are the nagging pain in the side of conformity, blending what you know with what you haven't heard striving to split you in half with sonic fits of joy. So sweet and bitter at the same time .Hard driving grooves uplifting you to melodic chorus peppered with political rants hidden behind sweet come-ons screamed at the top of your lungs.

The five piece unit has been blazin the New York massive for years. Make no mistake about it, They've been around the block, in your mom's house and up the river and down many times over. Lead singer Luqman's vocal assault stirs the swarm while the rhythm section Frank beans (bass) 40 oz Jeff (rhythm guitar ) and Ramsey Jones (drums) stagger the senses. Leaving Tim Grove (lead guitar) to ignite the hive into heated frenzy. Hard rock will never be the same; this bands sound has remnants of a punk age, hard rock with a little twist of hip hop, soul and ska. The ultimate fuse, total groove rock. Many have referred to as Soul Core.

Mentioned in Fader magazine and in the Vibe, as the hardest hitting band in the world also featured in the documentary Afro Punk, as leaders of the black rock scene. Plus they are well know around the world as true stage destroyers ask any stage hand or concert carpenters. Still the band genre bending skills are evident in their multicultural look. All the different experience leads to many sounds that become one. FunkFace is posed for the attack and no one will be spared.

FunkFace latest record has all the hard rock you could want, but the addition of a few slow rock ballad open up the band to an area never explored. Still they have created a large symphonic sound a slight throw back to bands like the Verve.

FunkFace have toured and played with many bands like the Distillers, Rage against the Machine, ApolloHeights, Bad Brains, Tribe called Quest, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Murphy's Law, Fishbone, Peaches, Tv on the Radio, Mike Ladd, and many, many more. Still the best way to experience this poliomyelitis is to shed your fears and succumb to the raging wave that is FunkFace.
The Juggs
The Juggs are a psychedelic blues band hailing from Brooklyn, NY. The 2010 release The African Queen is their debut EP. The group features singer/songwriter Kareem Big Bear Bunton on vocals and guitar, George De Voe(Guitar), Nick Gonzales(Drums), and Charles Becker (Bass). Formed by Mr.Bunton in 2006, the band is often described as Chicago blues with a touch of stoner rock much inspired by Muddy Waters Electric Mud and early ZZtop. The band is currently active and touring.
Smoota (DJ set)
Smoota (DJ set)
Smoota is the alter ego of trombone player Dave 'Smoota' Smith, who currently tours with TV on the Radio. Previously he performed with Sufjan Stevens on the 2010-11 Age of Adz world tour and, throughout 2010, he played regularly on Fela!, the Broadway musical about the life and music of Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti. In 2010 he also played and acted in a stage opera version on Melvin Van Peebles' proto-blaxploitation flick, Sweet Sweetback's Baasasssss Song, directed by Van Peebles himself and featuring music from Burnt Sugar. On Halloween 2009, he joined Sharon Jones and members of the Dap-Kings in helping Phish cover the Rolling Stones album Exile on Main Street. He plays regularly with bhangra brass funk band Red Baraat and the dirty gospel R&B band Rev. Vince Anderson & the Love Choir. Smoota has also played and/or recorded with Spoon, El-P, Bebel Gilberto, Akron/Family, Gordon Gano (of the Violent Femmes), and The Bogmen. He studied Film and Literature at Harvard.
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Cameo Gallery
93 N. 6th St.
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