Adam's Castle

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Adam's Castle

Live Footage, Chimneys

Thu, January 24, 2013

8:00 pm


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This event is 21 and over

Adam's Castle
Adam's Castle
Adam's Castle (Sami Jano, Piano/Rhodes; Eric Adams, Bass; Zach Eichenhorn, Drums) is a three-piece instrumental, experimental band from Detroit, now residing in Brooklyn, NY.

Stripped of distractions and easy answers (like guitars and lead singers) that manipulate a listener's most obvious and primitive emotional responses; Adam's Castle delivers an eclectic and unpredictable sound that traverses jazz, classical and rock – at times tightly composed, at others steady and driving with subtle mood shifts. Their insistence on collective composition produces an intense synergy that highlights the creative energy of all three of its members. Castle's sweeping, emotionally transformative music requires listeners to dig for an authentic response, but it doesn't demand - it entices, titillates, and enriches.
Live Footage
In 2008 a humble basement apartment in Brooklyn became the laboratory for the Brooklyn-based electroacoustic duo, Live Footage. Mike Thies and Topu Lyo first met at a Halloween party, unaware that years later they would be described as some of the finest "surrealist soundtrack composers" in the making by scoring some of the most eclectic contemporary pieces on air, in dance and in tune composing their own music. Conceived through the art of improvisation, Lyo plays cello, incorporating the use of live loops and a handful of electronics with no pre-recorded samples of any kind. Thies plays drums and keyboards, often simultaneously. Live Footage's formula is unique songs are structured in such a way that enables them to actually build loops without disaster, all while keeping the music's integrity and allowing ample room for improvisation even when covering the likes of Jay-Z, Dr. Dre and Squarepusher. It is Live Footage's coherent complexity that inherently wows new ears away. Plain and simple, they are "cinematic, experimental, yet still catchy and melodic." Their first & second full-length independent albums are already available on iTunes, their Jay Dee EP is currently live on Orisue's Website. In the meantime, Live Footage will be touring America, Canada, Korea, and Europe while fulfilling their weekly residency at Apotheke in NYC.
smooth noise

though i'm
foggy with forget,
a painted glass
Venue Information:
Cameo Gallery
93 N. 6th St.
Brooklyn, NY, 11211