Chloe Sunshine

Chloe Sunshine

Joshua and the Giant, Kelsey Byrne, Of Clocks and Clouds, Digital G (DJ Set)

Mon, February 25, 2013

8:00 pm


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This event is 21 and over

Chloe Sunshine
Chloe Sunshine
Chloë Sunshine delivers a “sun-soaked and surf-tinged Californian feel-good sound.” (Mercedes-Benz Magazine). The low-fi brainchild of California babe and recent NYC transplant Kendall Chloë Eagan, their debut album, Indian Summer gained national attention with comparisons to bands such as “Cults, Tegan And Sara, Dum Dum Girls and Tennis!,“ ( Joined by seasoned D.C. songstress Jessica Louise Dye (Lightfoot) and fellow Berklee alum, lead guitarist Natasha Chitayat, their sound is loud, melodic and danceable. Chloë Sunshine's love songs combine echoing vocals with a wall of fuzzy surf guitar that taste like summer.
Joshua and the Giant
Joshua and the Giant
Joshua and the Giant is an independent synth-pop piano project out of Brooklyn, NY. Conceived in mid-2012 by producer/multi-instrumentalist Josh Ingram, the project began as a collection of songs written on his parents upright piano in the Hudson Valley. After relocating to Brooklyn, and spending time as a touring player immersed in the city’s vibrant songwriting and indie-pop scenes, the project evolved from an eclectic range of influences and an eventual obsession with melding together electronic and organic textures, tones, and rhythms. The project’s first single “Renaissance” was released in July 2012.
Kelsey Byrne
An ecstatic jazz-pop-indie-folk-rock explosion. Melting faces, breaking hearts, taking names, and partaking in other types of moderate destruction.
Of Clocks and Clouds
Started as a solo electronic project in the bedroom studio of Joe Salgo, Of Clocks and Clouds are a prolific NYC based band, blending electronic and organic elements.

Karl Popper, the German philosopher of science, divided the world into two categories of measurable events: clocks and clouds. Clocks are precise and easily measured; clouds are amorphous and epistemic, "highly irregular, disorderly, and more or less unpredictable."
Digital G (DJ Set)
Digital G (DJ Set)
The Digital G made the natural progression into DJ-ing after years of playing drums in random rock bands and after raging many-a-weekend night.

His multi-genre music taste, love for indie-dance beats and fly gear including a light-up bunny mascot named "Wilbur" bring a unique energy to the decks.
Venue Information:
Cameo Gallery
93 N. 6th St.
Brooklyn, NY, 11211