Pow Wow!

Pow Wow!

Yoni Gordon, Rare Monk, Mount Sharp

Tue, March 5, 2013

7:30 pm


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This event is 21 and over

Pow Wow!
Pow Wow!
pow wow! is the brainchild of the Eddie & Jeff Nazareno, brothers originally from the suburbs of Northern New Jersey and currently based in Astoria, Queens. After performing as a duo at a number of venues in the tri-state area and releasing a string of self produced DIY records between 2008-2009, the group became a highly buzzed about new band, having been covered by several notable names in the New York City music media, touting them to be one of the best New York City Bands of 2009. Comparisons have been drawn from The Velvet Underground to the Modern Lovers, with pow wow!'s loose yet hook laden guitar and bass lines, primitive and ramshackle drumbeats and the freewheeling delivery of Eddie Nazareno's vocals, which see-saw between speak sing and soulful howl.

After solidifying their live and studio lineup in early 2009, comprising of current bassist, John Paul Anthony and later joined by lead guitarist and co-vocalist, Amanda Burdon, alongside a rotating cast of drummers, pow wow! would go on to play over 100 NYC shows that year alone.

After playing minimally in 2010, the band began to write new material in 2011 and in September began tracking for "Don't Stop To Look," their first full length album, at The Buddy Project Studios in Astoria, Queens. David Silverstein would join the project as their lead engineer and co-producer later that Fall, at Sabella Studios, in Roslyn, NY, known for producing platinum records such as Public Enemy's "It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back" as well as Marcy Playground's "Marcy Playground."

"Don't Stop To Look" would be self released the following year in October, 2012. The sounds and styles it features expands on the party soul vibe of pow wow!'s first singles and EP's with new sonic textures that draw influence from a wider cache of influence, including by not limited to 80's & 90's shoegaze, indie rock, jangle and britpop bands. It would be their most diverse yet focused offering to date, highlighting their penchant for concocting infectious pop songs and melodies while narrating a scope of experience that is uniquely New York City.

pow wow! goes on their first tour through the North American Midwest in November 2012 and plans to release a series of new singles in 2013.
Yoni Gordon
Yoni Gordon
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Take your seats, the show is about to begin. I want to welcome to the stage the last, living song and dance man; an entertainers entertainer! Somewhere between the sweaty, swagger of soul music, and the heart and humor of a folk troubadour is Yoni Gordon. Someone said it best when they compared him to "Roy Orbison, Tom Waits and Jonathan Richman taking a road trip together through the southwest." Sounds pretty good, right?
Yoni Gordon is a practitioner of the long forgotten art of SHOWMANSHIP. Right now there are hundreds, NO thousands of musicians out there playing music, but Yoni Gordon is out there putting on a SHOW. If he needs to get down on bended knee and preach, HE WILL; if he needs to play his guitar behind his head(and play it better than most kids can play in front of their heads), HE WILL; if he needs to take requests from the crowd, covering everything from Usher to Weird Al and back, HE WILL. Whether he is playing in a bar or a basement or an ice cream parlor, he is the best show in town. And he is here, now, playing in your city. Go see him for God's sake. You won't be sorry.
Rare Monk
Rare Monk
Hailing from Portland, Oregon, the young turks of Rare Monk sound simultaneously like everything and nothing you've ever heard. While the obvious signposts are there to guide you (Modest Mouse, Phoenix), Rare Monk combine their love of late 90s alternative with a fevered pop intensity, before shooting the whole thing into outer space to see what comes back.

That psychedelic insanity can be traced back to their college roots, when the guys were the go-to band for drunken debauchery and sonic exploration. Having grown exponentially as a band since those early house party days, Rare Monk have teamed up with noted producer Skyler Norwood (Blind Pilot, Horsefeathers) for their first full-length Death By Proxy.

By turns their most ambitious and deceptively simple release to date, Death By Proxy is immediately accessible, while continually surprising upon each spin.

"Although we draw upon many genres for inspiration, we've been creating our own based on nothing other than "these are the songs we wrote cause they sound cool."

The giddy pop thrill of the title track and the funky, slow burn of "Underground" acts as the band's mission statements, and according to Dorian, summarizes what the band has been building towards since forming in 2009.

"Regardless of where our music falls on the spectrum, I think it's pretty genuine. I think the important thing here is not to try and fit a compartmentalized soundscape, or be different from everyone else; the importance lies in doing what you are passionate about. Passion is genuine."

For fans of: Modest Mouse, Phoenix, Helio Sequence
Mount Sharp
Mount Sharp
Venue Information:
Cameo Gallery
93 N. 6th St.
Brooklyn, NY, 11211