denitia and sene.

denitia and sene.

Pegasus Warning, Tamara Davidson

Sat, May 25, 2013

8:00 pm

$8.00 - $10.00

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This event is 21 and over

denitia and sene.
denitia and sene.
Smooth like smoke from the tip of a Cuban cigar, and as sensuous as morning love, electro-soul duo denitia & sene not only exude sexy through their music, they invent it. The Brooklyn-based musicians came together a year ago with a shared vision to bring truth and ingenuity to stylistic music, and they’ve held their ambitions high ever since. Simple. Rare. Sumptuous. Bold. They’ve been influenced by a range of sonic proclivities. Thus, their work is distinguished not by genre, but attention to free verse, and the magic that transpires between darkness and light. It’s film noir for audiophiles – chic, hip and alluring – and together, they have broken down personal limits to forge a bond surpassing all expectations.

In true Brooklyn custom, the two artists met while attending a party one night at a spot they refer to as the “The Clubhouse,” an old Victorian home serving as a residence, community space, and recording studio for a collective of local artists. Sene, a rapper, was looking for someone to sing hooks on his new album, and denitia, a singer-songwriter, welcomed the challenge. He gave her the scratch vocals; she nailed it and then some; and suddenly, they were part of the New York fairytale so many artists call a dream. It’s Brooklyn at its finest – it’s serendipity. It’s denitia & sene.

After their initial collaboration went better than expected, denitia & sene decided to take it one step further and form a twosome, allowing sene, a Brooklyn native, to tap into his musical skills beyond hip hop, and denitia to explore a more sultry, theatrical side of her character. Both were inspired by a variety of artists and backgrounds, listing Sade, the Fugees, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, The Beatles, and Janet Jackson as a few of their shared favorites. Such diversity is reflected in the dynamism of their own sound, from smooth bass lines and reverberating vocals to synth-laden blues and abbreviated narratives. It’s kind of like nothing else out there, and that is the intention.

denitia and sene’s first EP, blah blah blah was released in August and presented by, a three-track assortment blending definitive soul with electronic bebop. Their track “Casanova” won the attention of many music tastemasters, with Fader magazine calling it “an effortless, snuggly gem primed for late Saturday mornings tangled in rumpled covers.” Because their partnership has been effortless and magical from the get, they intend to continue down the same track, aiming to create authentic and intuitive music that is accessible to a wide variety of people. No fronts and no concessions – it follows only the rules they set for themselves, compromising nothing that might contradict their signature sweet panache.
Pegasus Warning
Pegasus Warning
At this point you probably have a lot of questions. This man, this band… this PEGASUS WARNING. What is it? Who is it? It’s a vibration you’ve never heard, an energy never felt, a sonorous phantasmagoria never experienced. Whatever your inquiries or feelings may be, the answer is this: PEGASUS WARNING is everything you think it is and more.

PEGASUS WARNING (a.k.a. Guillermo E. Brown) sought an education in the other-worldly at an early age. Raised in New York, he was born to a Panamanian priest-wizard and an American ethnomusicologist-healer. He began his sonic deviations at the age of 5, and was soon led into the world of sound by his grandfather, a percussionist-electrician. He tried to remedy the disparate elements clinging the walls of his mind. He immersed himself with teachers, vagabonds, and visionaries; appearing, recording, producing, playing, and/or writing with a wide range of artists including: Anti-Pop Consortium, The Beat Kids, Anthony Braxton, Dave Burrell, CANT, Das Racist, Dj Logic, DJ Spooky, El P, Cochemea Gastelum, Vijay Iyer, Jahcoozi, King Britt, Mike Ladd, George Lewis, Jamie Lidell, Arto Lindsay, Spoek Mathambo, Mocky, William Parker, Lucky Paul, Vernon Reid, Matthew Shipp, Spring Heel Jack, TECLA, The Temper Trap, Theifs, Tortoise, Twin Shadow, Gordon Voidwell, the late David S. Ware, and Saul Williams.

Then, at the dawn of a new decade, there was a luminous explosion of consonances. Mysterious as silence overcome by the rapture of the Muses, he began composing a strange new mix of lyricism and soulful splendor. In 2010, it crystallized, and after touring the world, Jamie Lidell, co-produced a slew of tracks that would be the first terrestrial signs of what is now known as PEGASUS WARNING. The PEGASUS hoof struck solid ground, thunder bellowed, ideas and artistic forces collided creating a supernova of sound.

PEGASUS WARNING incorporates acoustic and electronic instrumentation, 8 bit noise, pounding hooves, beating wings, soulful melodies, and human-machine driven rhythms. Influenced by sovereigns of contemporary music like Sun Ra, Grace Jones, and Bad Brains, PEGASUS WARNING has been described by vocalist/producer Mike Ladd as “The System 2.0”. Filmmaker Harmony Korine deemed him, “a male Chaka Khan.”

2012 will see the release of PEGASUS WARNING’s WOOF TICKET EP (Plug Research) with coinciding videos by artist-visionaires like Wangechi Mutu, and remixes by sound-makers like Spoek Mathambo and Gordon Voidwell. The full length LP will debut 2013.

At this point you probably still have a lot of questions. This man, this band… this PEGASUS WARNING. What is it? Who is it?
The answer is simple:
Follow your impulses
Demand your dreams
Come down from the mountain
begin again
be a thunderous cloud
and heed your calling…
Tamara Davidson
Born and bred in Striver’s Row Harlem, Tamara Davidson is a guitar player,vocalist and producer, and shawomen. Tamara has studied classical music in England, Rumba in Cuba, and jazz as well as hip-hop in NYC. Tamara is a leading song writer of her time citing influences such as Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder, and Joni Mitchell. . Tamara's band contains some of the finest young musicians in New York City. Each musician in the band combines their technical prowess and organic creativity to breathe new life into your ears
Venue Information:
Cameo Gallery
93 N. 6th St.
Brooklyn, NY, 11211